How to Create and Access Email with any Web Hosting Package


Log into your account at

Once you log in click on Services.

Once you click services you will be able to see your billing details as far as next billing date along with current pricing.

Next you need to click on manage product.

This will take you into the control panel. From here you have access to all features allowed on your current hosting account such as file manager, dns zones and more. You can also see what your nameservers are along with your shared hosting IP address

For email we need to click on Email Accounts

Once you click on Email Accounts it will list all current email accounts you have created. If you want to create another account you need to click on Create Email Account

Next is where you need to type in the email account you want along with a good password. We recommend using the password generator to create a more secure password.

For the quota, you can typically select unlimited unless you want to limit the size of this email box for any specific reason. For most people, unlimited will be fine.

Click create when you are all done and saved the information so you can use it later to get logged in.

If you want to use WebMail to read and send emails you can simply browse yo

Otherwise, if you want to set up the email on a mobile device using apps such and outlook etc you need to click on account details. This will give you the ports and everything you need to get setup.

To access webmail simply scroll down to one click logins and select webmail or browse to

Abd log in using the credentials you setup

Click log in when you ready and then you have the configuration page for the email account.

From here you can grab configuration details at the top for your device. If you wish to access this only from webmail you can click the check box Open my inbox when I log in and then click open. Next time you access webmail it will take you straight to your mail box.

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