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hey guys, this is Victor with Encrypted Hosting. Today, we have released our new WordPress area for all clients. This new area allows clients to management almost everything directly from our client area without having to go into cPanel at all. With our other tools you are also able to manage the full cPanel account directly from the same area. This allows clients to not have to log into different areas and can do things more quickly.

Management Area

With the new management area you are able to view the following details. These details include the installation details of your new site, upload or update plugins and themes, make edits to the wp-config file, and set up backups! We also include daily backups complimentary so you dont have to worry about this unless you wish to take your own backups as well.

Below that menu you will also find Control Panel, which will take you directly into the WordPress dashboard. Clear cache, which will clear local cache. Clone, to create a new copy of your existing website, update which allows you to check for WordPress version updates.

You also can change your domain for this installation, manage auto upgrades, create a new staging location which allows you to build a new website without editing your live WordPress and then you can push to live that website when you are done building the new site. lastly, you can manage SSL, which our services include free and automatic SSL certificates.

Using this new area will not only help keep things centralized it will also speed up time upon logging in.


Using the backup tab will allow you to create full WordPress install backups. These backups will be sent to your account. We do ask that you download these backups and store them locally and not keep them on the server. We do this because our daily backups will backup these backups which is not necessary.


You are able to see which themes you have active, installed, delete old themes, activate a new theme and update existing themes.


Plugins gives you the same options as you would get with the themes section. It allows you to activate or deactivate and update or delete plugins.

At Encrypted Hosting, we want to make hosting as user friendly for everyone from the new comers to the full designers. We want you to be able to handle as many tasks from our client area as you can with out having to log into multiple places to do different tasks.

Come check out our hosting plans today at We have 24/7 support via phone chat, live chat or support ticket for any questions or problems you may have. We can also help you migrate from your old hosting provider if you need it!

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