What Does a Host Do? A Beginner’s Guide to Website Hosting


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What Does a Host Do? A Beginner’s Guide to Website Hosting

If you want to create a website, the easiest way to achieve that is to sign up for web hosting. But what does a host do? Here’s a beginner’s guide.

What does a host do?

If you’ve ever tried to create a website, you’ve probably asked yourself this question. Hosts are one thing in a seemingly endless line of expenses that you have to get in order before you launch your website.

But, they’re a lot more than that. Putting some effort into understanding what a web host does and why they’re necessary might make you feel a bit better about spending some extra money to get a good one.

Today, we’re going to give you a beginner’s guide on web hosting. For many, the function of this necessity has been all too unclear. Let us help you understand and decide which web host to work with.

What Does a Host Do?

In short, a web host allows you to post your website to the internet. Because you need a big computer to store all of the information and data that comes and goes from a website, few independent website owners are able to host themselves.

So, web hosts exist to store your website on a server. You focus on the contents of your site, while the host focuses on storing the files on your site and keeping it connected to the internet. 

When someone types your website in and clicks “enter”, their browser will connect them to the server that your website is on, aka your web host.

Some web hosts offer other features as well, in addition to hosting. Domain registration, site building, and email hosting are features that some hosts will occasionally offer as well.

What makes one host better than another, you ask?

How to Choose a Web Host

Choosing a web host can be difficult if you don’t know what you need. Different hosts are able to offer different things, aside from their extra features. Usually, the most important features are speed, security, and support.

Consider the site that you’re trying to build. If it’s a website highlighting the products of a young business, you’ll want hosting that has room for your traffic growth. 

You’ll also want to figure out how much help you might need. 24-hour support is generally preferred for those that are expecting and relying upon worldwide traffic to keep their website up and running.

Web hosting can cost anywhere from a few dollars a month to hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month. Shared servers end up being the cheapest because you’re just one among dozens of websites within a server. 

The next step up would be a virtual private server (VPS). Basically, this is like a server within a server, so it’s separated from all of the other websites in your server. A dedicated server is when you rent an entire server for your website.

There are more security and speed perks as you obtain more privacy with your server, however you’ll also pay more.

Hosting Is Necessary

Hosting your own website is complicated and expensive. Instead of asking, “what does a host do”, you should ask “what do I need from a host?”. Your needs will dictate what kind of hosting you’ll need.

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