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What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reselling is when a company utilizes the resources of a parent web hosting company and sells it as their own. Most web hosting companies have reseller packages available. There are those who can benefit from choosing to host their site with a reseller. There are also those who have been dissatisfied with their reseller host and those who may be interested in opening their own reseller hosting account.

Benefits Of Reselling Hosting

Being a reseller gives you the ability to own and operate the business without the headache of having to own, lease, or even managed servers. When you purchase your Reseller Web Hosting from a Encrypted Hosting, we handle all of the server updates/upgrades, security hardening, and also back up your customer's data. Therefore your only job it to resell space/bandwidth/server space to your customers, handle their billing, and provide level 1 technical support. With server management, security, and leasing costs factored into your monthly reseller hosting fee, the benefits to being a reseller are tremendous. As long as you're working with a reputable company, you stand the chance to make astronomical returns, with not a ton of day-to-day overhead tasks.

Tips to Consider in Marketing a Reseller Hosting Business

Compared ot other business types, a reseller hosting business is fairly easy to start. As a reseller, you only need to focus on selling the hosting rather than spending time building and maintaining the server infrastructure. Once you have decided to resell hosting. the challenge will be getting customers to your business.

Below are some valuable tips to consider in marketing your reseller hosting business.

Consider Google Adwords

Consider Google Adwords if you are not well-positioned within the search rankings on Google. The goal is to get the website visible despite the presence of competitors. Google Adwords is a paid option to ensure you get targeted traffic. The cost of running Ads may vary depending on the specific product or service your are targeting. IT can be beneficial to target a particular search term having less competition. If done properly, Google Adwords will bring about a good return on investment. There are also other platforms online that allow for paid advertisements to a targeted audience.

Create a blog

Blogging can be a useful means to being successful in the reseller hosting business. Keep in mind that content will always be king. Set up an informative and interesting blog featuring a wide range of content that will get the attention of a relevant audience.

If people visiting your blog enjoy reading your posts, they will share them through social media websites. This will increase awareness of your service to a wider audience. The blog enables you to share insights concerning your business. You could also write about questions that customers have and answer them.

Use Social Media

Social media sites can be a perfect tool to market your business. You can easily establish a profile of your company on a social media platform like Facebook or twitter. Through these platforms, share interesting and informative content regularly. You can share links to articles, blog updates, videos, images, discounts and more related to your business. You can create polls to promote discussions.

It is also important to grow your social media network. You should also reply to comments to interact with your audience.

Allow Customer Reviews

People like to share their experiences with a business. Therefore, it is  essential to allow testimonials and customer reviews. Create company profiles on websites for reviews. Encourage more of your customers to write reviews of the company. Although reviews can be good or bad, they should be allowed on social media and review websites. If a customer provides negative feedback, respond so that others can see you take customer concerns seriously. Responding to feedback is a great way to build rapport and trust with the public.

Know your Customers

As a reseller of a web hosting business, you need to understand more about the types of customers you will be targeting. Get a clearer idea about the targeted audience. Find out if they are bloggers, startups, established businesses, large organizations, web developers, or other groups. Devise successful marketing strategies according to the type of customers that you target.

While these are valuable ways to promote your reseller hosting business, you can explore other ideas.they key is to continually experiment and learn. After implementing these ideas, you will be well on your way to being a successful web host reseller.

Now that you have learned more about successfully marketing a reseller hosting business, get in touch with Encrypted Hoisting to start your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    While it is the responsibility of the Reseller to provide their customers with support, our team is more than happy to help you resolve issues. Simply submit a ticket with the information and we'll work our hardest to ensure your clients stay happy.
    Our servers are located in Lansing, Michigan.
    Yes, our reseller hosting service is 100% white label. As soon as you sign-up you'll be able to setup private name servers for your domain. If you register or transfer your domain to us we can set them up for you. Additionally, our support team is available to help you get up and going.
    We recommend using WHMCS to automate your web hosting business. Our Enterprise package comes with a free license and you can add-on to our other packages. This can easily be installed with one-click inside of cPanel.
    We'll transfer up to 10 cPanel accounts to your account for free within the first 30 days. If you require transfers outside of this window, we can do it for a fee, or provide you with resources on how to do this yourself.
    Yes, we backup all accounts once a night. Clients can easily access these backups inside of cPanel with Cpremote.

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